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Sue was pivotal in the franchise process. Her knowledge helped me research and discover the franchise that would spark my interests and meet my goals.
Karen W.
Sue goes above and beyond to ensure she finds the right business for her clients. She is very caring and compassionate about the future endeavors of her clients. I would highly recommend her as a broker!
Diane Wilson
Tutor Doctor
Sue was essential in my decision to purchase a franchise. She was knowledgeable, and patient, gave me several terrific franchise options, and walked me through the process. I cannot say enough good things about Sue and highly recommend her services!
Erin D.
My wife Christy and I relocated to Georgia and were looking for a new business to start. Sue and her husband really helped us with valuable information and insight into potential businesses that may be good fits for us. One of those businesses, Deck Medic, turned out to be one that was a great fit for us, and for this area. Thanks Sue!
Joe and Christy B.
I have worked with Sue for over 3 years, helping her secure funding for her clients and I have enjoyed every second. She has a warm, engaging personality and she embodies the highest standards of ethics and integrity. She's passionate about the franchise industry and she works tirelessly to find the best fit for her clients too.
Kelly Krueger
Senior Consultant, Tenet Financial Group
Sue, thank you for your help in finding the right franchise for me. Your patience and willingness to be flexible with my indecision and questioning, gave me the comfort to know that I was making the correct choice for my future. Thanks again
Thom S.
Sue did a great job with helping me find the correct franchise for me. Sue did a very thorough and systematic process of listening to my goals and objectives for the future. I felt like the entire process was extremely well done and it was all about me being successful. I have now been in business for three months and know based on my success that I worked with the correct company and person to make a well-educated decision on my choice. Thank you, Sue!
Chris D.
Sue was incredibly professional and knowledgeable throughout our entire process. From helping us to determine which franchise was right for us, to patiently working through our timeline and indecisiveness. She never pressured us, but provided guidance and details which ultimately led us to select our new franchise brand. I would recommend Sue a million times over.
Ashley P.
Sue was so patient with me as I journeyed through all the ins and outs to become a first time business owner. Truly, I cannot explain all the ways she helped me navigate this road. 10,000 questions and 2 million emotions later and Sue was always there to help me pause, understand and then move forward. I will forever be thankful. Thank you, Sue!
Zach N.
Working with Sue and Craig was wonderful. We had been investigating franchises for years and never found the right fit. We told them what we were looking for the kind of brand, service and the financials and lifestyle we were expecting etc. and they found us exactly what we needed. All along the way Sue was knowledgeable and supportive and made our journey seamless. Now here we are starting the business that we always dreamed of starting thanks to them. Thanks for everything Sue and Craig.
Jami M.
I strongly recommend working with Sue to help you find the right franchise that fits your goals, your leadership style, and your business ownership desires. She was very prepared for every meeting, corresponded in a timely manner, and provided genuine advice when I needed it most. She actively listened to my concerns, giving me constructive feedback and market analysis that helped me make my decisions. She was very patient and helpful throughout my franchise purchasing journey. Thanks Sue!
Rob S.
If you want to fulfill your dreams of franchise ownership, you’re in great hands with Sue! Going into business for yourself can be overwhelming but her consultative and educational approach helps potential new business owners make informed decisions. She’s devoted, insightful, and has the best interest for her clients. Her expertise in franchising and passion for helping people is a recipe for success for aspiring entrepreneurs. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for several years and would highly recommend her to anyone.
Christine Hansen
Senior Funding Consultant, FranFund, Inc.
Such a pleasure to work with Sue to place her candidates with Mosquito Shield, not once, but twice in the last year. Sue is an effective communicator and truly works in partnership to guide her candidates through the discovery process. Our franchise brand is growing and I am confident the quality candidates Sue has helped into business ownership, will be wildly successful. She is knowledgeable and communicative and simply a terrific resource for anyone considering franchising.
Kelly Macht
Director of Franchise Development Mosquito Shield
I’m very happy to recommend the services of Sue and Craig Derene of Franchise Connect Pro. It was obvious to me the first time I sat down with Craig that FCPs process could help me wade through all that was available to me in the wide world of opening my own franchise business. That continued as I was introduced to Sue. It was obvious that Craig had listened to me about what was important, and Sue took up the mantle of showing a sincere desire to help me find what I was looking for. Her knowledge of franchising and solid B to B opportunities was very strong. I have since invested in a franchise which Sue brought to my attention and am very pleased with the results to date.
David B.
Sue was the ideal guide for my journey through the maze of franchise selection.


•Clearly and Concisely Explained The Process
•Assessed My Capabilities And Interests
•Presented pertinent Opportunities - Multiple Times
•Made Herself Available On Short Notice To Answer Questions
•Provided Sound Feedback
•And Even Fought For Me When I Had A Minor Issue With A Potential Franchisor. I highly recommend Sue's services!
Clark C.
As a first time franchisee, I really appreciated Sue’s guidance through the process. Sue very quickly stripped down an overwhelming number of companies and did a nice job of pairing me with a company that fit comfortably within my investment budget that also aligned with my passions/skill set. Sue was more than willing to take time to answer questions as I navigated the process and made herself readily available, within the constraints of my schedule, to discuss concerns and strategy - which was very much appreciated. If you’re new to the franchising process and are looking for someone to help “pull back the curtain” into the world of franchising -someone who will look out for your best interests - I highly recommend using Sue.
Stephanie M.
I enjoyed working with Sue from the minute we connected. Her sincerity and understanding shown through from the very beginning. She never pushed or imposed, but rather listened and supported. She made it a point to know her material, and if she didn’t know something she looked into it and responded promptly. I began to form a trusting relationship with Sue and went to her for her guidance throughout the process. Sue was delightful to work with. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to work with a trustworthy partner. She became my sounding board through the process on numerous occasions. Sue always made sure I looked at everything from all perspectives. A very nice friendship was formed.
Angela P.
Sue and Craig did a great job matching us with the best Franchise that aligned with our passion and interests. We came into this process thinking we would go in a completely different direction. Sue spent a considerable amount of time getting to know us and really paid attention to our interests. As a result, coupled with taking an extensive assessment, we found we were better suited for another type of franchise. Sue educated us on the franchise process and prepared us with what questions to ask potential Franchisors. Sue was available to talk at a moment’s notice. Sue and Craig are extremely knowledgeable about the Franchise industry and very supportive. They were there for us every step of the way. We had an amazing experience working with Sue and Craig -- if given another opportunity, we would definitely work with this great team again!
Terese G. and Denise P.
I highly recommend using Sue Derene's services as a franchise consultant. From start to finish, Sue was an invaluable resource for my wife and I as we navigated the process of finding the right franchise opportunity. One of the things that stood out to us was Sue's availability and willingness to talk through any issues or ideas we had. She was always there to offer guidance and support, and it was clear that she had our best interests at heart. In addition to being a great listener, Sue also gave us fantastic advice on how to judge different franchise opportunities. She helped us understand what to look for in a successful franchise, and provided us with the tools and information we needed to make an informed decision. Sue was also very connected in the industry and was able to keep us updated on the latest news and information about different franchise brands. This was especially helpful as we were trying to stay up to date on the industry and make the best choice for our future. Sue referred us to the franchise that my wife and I ultimately invested in, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. We highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, and supportive partner in finding the right franchise opportunity.
Andrew N.
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